Learn About Family Law


Topics include uncontested and contested divorce, as well as no fault and fault options. We will also discuss why a divorce lawyer is important and the similarities and differences in state laws.


Marriage may alter many aspects of life, financially as well as legally. Here we will discuss the meaning of marriage, common law marriage and domestic partnerships. We will also touch on prenuptial agreements and financial best practices in marriage.


Discussion on what adoption means, who can adopt, step parent adoption, and same sex couple adoption. We will also go over different types of adoption and lastly, the biological mother’s rights in the adoption process.

Child Support

Here we will discuss the definition of child support and go over generally what the states offer as guidelines in determining child support orders. We will discuss when child support orders may need to be modified, as circumstances change. We will also go over enforcement options when child support goes unpaid and some resources that may help your child receive what is rightfully theirs.

Child Custody

Find out the different categories and types that fall within the general description of child custody. We will discuss the determining factors considered in child custody, the most important being the best interests of the child. We will also talk about child custody mediation, evaluation, and modification.


Marital separations both informal and legal. We will also talk about why couples would choose separation instead of divorce and whether or not couples must follow through with a divorce once the separation process has been started.

Domestic Violence

Discussion on what domestic violence means, who it involves, and what it looks like. We will also touch on some warning signs to look for if domestic violence is suspected. Please visit our Child Abuse department for information on domestic abuse and children.

Paternity (dna test)

The definition, establishment and enforcement of paternity. We will also touch on the process of the dna paternity test and paternity fraud.

Name Change

Information on how to change a name from a legal birth name to a new legal name. We will discuss typical instances in which a name change could occur – from marriage and divorce to other personal reasons for a fresh start. The steps of how to change a name will be laid out and who to notify once the name is legally changed.


What it means to be a guardian, the different types of guardians, and the process of becoming a guardian. Lastly we will discuss how a guardianship may end.

Same Sex Couples

What the term same sex couples means and how the term currently fit sinto the culture of the United States. We will also touch on federal and state views on handling same sex marriage and best practices for same sex couples who wish to commit to a relationship as if they are married.


What enforcement means, when it is necessary, and which Family Law issues commonly involve enforcement; from divorce and child support to paternity and obtaining dna samlpes. We will also cover agencies and other resources that have been created to aid individuals in the enforcement process. For further information please visit the Child Support and Paternity departments of Divorce and FamilyLawService Center.

Reproductive Rights

Find out what the definition of reproductive rights is. We will touch on the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Family Leave Act. We will also discuss different birthing options, abortion, adoption, and birth control for minors.

Child Abuse

Different types of child abuse and neglect. We will also talk about about which state agency handles reports of child abuse. Lastly, we will discuss false accusations, common defenses of those accused, and consequences for those who are found guilty of child abuse.


What annulment means and when it is an option for ending a marriage. We will talk about what makes a marriage void under the law. Lastly, we will discuss how annulment and divorce differ and in what ways they are the same.